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Birth certificate, paternity & Social Security information

The following is a message from Erin Doucas, perinatal data coordinator at Bassett Medical Center:

During your stay in the hospital after your baby is born, you will receive a five page birth certificate work booklet to fill in before going home.

The information needed to complete the booklet:

Mother's section: First name, middle name, current last name and last name on mother's birth certificate, Social Security number, date of birth, highest level of education, city and state of birth, race, residence address and if different mailing address and employment.

Baby's section: First, middle and last name. A signed Social Security page. Check yes if you want baby's Social Security card mailed to you. Check no if you wish to apply on your own. A Social Security card can only be obtained through the hospital if baby has a first and last name. You can give your baby any name you want. This includes last name as well. Inappropriate names, numbers or symbols cannot be accepted. Numbers can be used if spelled out (example: "7" - seven) or a suffix 1st, 2nd, III.

Father of second parent section: His or her first name, middle name, current last name and last name on parent's birth certificate, Social Security number, date of birth, highest level of education, residence address, employment.

Will mother and father be signing Acknowledgement of Paternity? If mother and father or second parent is legally married to each other:

  • Acknowledgement of paternity is not required

If mother and father are not married:

  • To have the father's name on the birth certificate an acknowledgement of paternity must be signed in front of two witnesses not related to the mother or father (can be done with hospital staff)

What it means to sign paternity:

  • Both the mother and father are in agreement that he is the father of the child
  • He waives his right to a court hearing to determine if he is the father
  • Signing the acknowledgement of paternity may be the basis for the father to establish custody and visitation
  • The child will have rights to inheritance from the father
  • Please read form LDSS-4418 for full information

You may not sign paternity if:

  • The mother was married at any time during the pregnancy
  • The mother is unmarried and more than one man could be the father
  • The child is not yet born

For questions about birth certificates, Acknowledgement of Paternity, DNA testing, please call me direct at 607-547-3254 or 1-800-BASSETT and ask to be transferred to extension 3254. [sic]

- Erin Doucas, perinatal data coordinator at Bassett Medical Center

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Learn more: FAQs about paternity

Learn more: NYS Department of Health Paternity Form

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