Shoulder & Sports Medicine Research Institute

Tally Lassiter, Jr., M.D., M.H.A., and Jocelyn Wittstein, M.D., lead the Shoulder and Sports Medicine Research Institute for Bassett Healthcare Network. Dr. Lassiter is director of the Shoulder and Sports Medicine Institute and Dr. Wittstein leads the Institute’s research efforts, which focuses on how to prevent and manage shoulder and athletic injuries in people living in central New York. Both see patients for consultations and surgical management of orthopedic disorders in Oneonta at FoxCare Center and Oneonta Specialty Services.

2015-symposium.jpgOrthopedic surgeons Drs. Lassiter and Wittstein use the latest techniques in treating patients for a range of orthopedic conditions, including arthroscopic rotator cuff tears and shoulder instability surgery, arthritis of shoulder joint with total shoulder replacement. In advanced cases of arthritis, and when the patient has not responded to other corrective measures, the ball and the socket of the shoulder is replaced in shoulder replacement surgery, giving good predictable pain relief. Biologic patches are now one option to repair very large rotator cuff tears. Minimally invasive surgical procedures may be used in some cases of arthritic shoulder conditions where bone spurs are a problem.

Patients presenting with very advanced shoulder arthritis and extremely limited shoulder use due to associated rotator cuff tears, who have not responded to pain medication or other modalities, may benefit from a newer procedure called reverse shoulder arthroplasty. It is so named because the usual positions of the ball and socket replacements are reversed in the shoulder. Reverse shoulder arthroplasty gives the patient pain relief and ability to lift their arm above their head.

Drs. Lassiter and Wittstein also have additional training in outpatient anterior cruciate ligament and complicated knee ligament surgery, elbow arthroscopy and ligament reconstruction in athletes whose sport involves repeated throwing, such as baseball or football. Dr. Lassiter has additional training in hip arthroscopy for labral tears in athletes, femoral-acetabular impingement and early hip arthritis.

For an appointment with either Dr. Lassiter or Dr. Wittstein, at FoxCare Center, call 607-432-2239, or Oneonta Specialty Services, call 607-433-6300.

Presentations by Drs. Lassiter & Wittstein




Cooperstown Shoulder and Elbow Symposium

September 20-21, 2013
Conference agenda
Guest Speaker: Jamie Moyer
Chairperson: Jocelyn Wittstein, MD
Assistant: Tally Lassiter, Jr, MD, MHA




Baseball Injuries to the Shoulder and Elbow - Little League to Major League Conference

May 19, 2012
Press Release
Conference agenda
Guest Speaker: Tommy John
Chairperson: Jocelyn Wittstein, MD
Assistant: Tally Lassiter, Jr, MD, MHA 



Anterior Shoulder Instability

Dr. Lassiter, Bassett Sports Medicine Conference, June 13, 2012

PCL and Complex Knee Injuries

Dr. Lassiter, Bassett Sports Medicine Conference, February 15, 2012

ACL: Graft Choices and Newer Techniques

Dr. Lassiter, Bassett Sports Medicine Conference, January 11, 2012

Patella Instability

Dr. Lassiter, Saratoga Seminars Orthopaedic Summer Symposium, August 5-6, 2011

Pediatric Sports Medicine Injuries: Lower Extremity

Dr. Lassiter, February 1, 2011

Traumatic Shoulder Instability

Dr. Wittstein, July 8, 2006

Treatment of AC Separations

Dr. Wittstein, 2009

Shoulder Injuries in Athletes

Dr. Wittstein, 2010

Patellar Instabilty

Dr. Wittstein, December 14, 2010

ACL Reconstruction, Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair, and Shoulder Stabilization

Dr. Wittstein, Central New York Academy of Medicine, 2011

Pediatric Upper Extremity Sports Injuries

Dr. Wittstein, February 22, 2011

Hip Arthroscopy: FAI and Labral tears

Dr. Lassiter, March 18, 2011

Presentations made at the National Baseball Hall of Fame:

hof.pngWednesday, May 4, 2011
Dr. Lassiter: Management of Rotator Cuff Disease
Dr. Wittstein: Advances in Shoulder Arthroplasty - Treatment of Shoulder Arthritis

Wednesday, May 18, 2011
Dr. Wittstein: Shoulder Injuries in Overhead Sports: Prevention and Treatment
Dr. Lassiter: Elbow Injuries in Athletes

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